A Little Bit About Us

Our goal at The Happy Cactus is to act as enablers of human creativity; empowering artisans by bringing consumers unique, handcrafted products from around the world.

Here on our website, you can browse and purchase our handcrafted REAL butterfly frames. To do so, visit our Butterfly Catalog page. These incredible, ethically sourced works of art help showcase the awesome beauty of nature, displaying some of the many fascinating and captivating butterflies that Peru has to offer, mounted in artistic patterns in shadow box frames. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The pictures on the Butterfly Catalog are only EXAMPLES. Each frame features different butterflies that fit the product description and some of the larger frames have varying designs. Frames that feature a special butterfly (Morpho, Caligo, Urania Rypheus, Etc...) will always have that species but the simple butterflies will vary. To pick the EXACT frame you want, find us at a market and buy your frame in person! (its also cheaper to buy in person: you don't have to pay for shipping)

In addition to the beautiful butterfly frames we also offer handcrafted succulent and cacti arrangements available at artisan & craft shows in the Greater Boston Area and beyond. They are a low maintenance, unique, and beautiful way to bring life into the home and watch it thrive for years, SUITABLE EVEN FOR THE BLACKEST OF THUMBS! 

***We are thrilled to have a permanent booth for the holiday season at 171 Newbury Street, the location of The Boston Bazaar.

The Boston Bazaar is a collective of 17 artists (and getting bigger!) located in one of the best shopping locations in Boston: Newbury Street. Open through December 31, this unique boutique is a one stop shop for all your holiday gift needs. From one of a kind, handmade jewelry, to children's toys, gourmet chocolate and - of course - succulents and butterfly art, as well as much more, the Bazaar has a captivating selection of handcrafted goods. Stop by to browse some of the highest quality handmade goods in Boston all under one roof!

For more information on the Bazaar and the markets we'll be attending, you can visit our market schedule page.***

Our website also showcases tons of information well worth a read! From info on our butterfly frames as well as interesting information on butterflies, succulents and air plants, there's plenty to read and learn here at happycactusgifts.com! Scroll over our Succulents, Cacti & More menu to see some of the information we have to offer.

We hope all the information on the site is interesting and helpful and that you enjoy these products as much as we do! For any questions or comments, reach out to us at happycactusgifts@gmail.com