Custom Order & Wholesale

Custom Order:

Although we encourage finding us at one of our weekly market appearances to buy your arrangements - so you can see exactly what your purchasing, and get it for the best price - we also fulfill custom orders! If you can't make it to a market, want something a little different than what we offered at any market you were at, or just want to order more arrangements, you can contact us for a product line sheet and custom order form to pick out the perfect arrangement. In addition, if you have a cool container you'd like to have professionally filled with gorgeous succulents, please let us know. We would be happy to turn your empty container into a beautiful piece of living home decor! When placing a custom order we are eager to accommodate any preferences you may have. There is a section on the order form to specify design requests and we will fulfill them to the best of our ability while keeping the arrangements at the listed prices. In addition to arrangements, you can also purchase entire plug trays of succulents and cacti (72 succulents or 50 cacti per tray) at a discounted price. For more information on succulents, check out our Succulent Info & Care page.
Additionally, we also offer air plants. Indigenous to places such as Mexico, South and Central America, and Florida, air plants are absolutely fascinating; they don't require any soil - absorbing moisture and nutrients through their leaves rather than the roots - and are incredibly low maintenance. Once in their lifetime, they also produce beautiful blooms that signal the start to their reproductive life; producing baby air plants for you to add to your collection! For more information on air plants, check out our Air Plant Info & Care page.
If you have any questions, want to request a product line sheet or order form, or have a container you want us to fill, contact us at


For stores looking to offer high quality, locally crafted succulent & cacti arrangements at great prices, we here at The Happy Cactus would be thrilled to serve as your wholesale supplier! For us, customers and clients, and supplying high quality products, always comes before profits. We’re looking to build relationships, not just revenue streams. We will do our very best to always supply the highest quality products at worthwhile prices while accommodating your business’s personalized needs however we can.

Succulents and Cacti, with their low maintenance requirements, long life, and vast variety of captivating shapes, colors, sizes, and textures, have become a growing trend in the Northeast and are getting more popular every day! They make excellent living home décor for people that don’t have enough time, or a green enough thumb, to handle traditional house plants. They also make perfect, unique, and long lasting living gifts when holidays or birthdays come around!
In addition to finished arrangements, we also offer wholesale succulent and cacti plug trays as well as air plants. Air plants are another growing trend up here and they’re just as easy, if not easier to maintain than succulents. Without requiring any soil or rooting medium, air plants are very low maintenance and incredibly versatile when it comes to display. They can be put in glass bowls or right on a table to make unique centerpieces. They can also be hung by themselves, in clumps, or in terrariums, using fishing line, rope, or any non-copper wire, to make awesome hanging displays. 
Contact us at for a wholesale product line sheet, order form, or more information!